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Airdrie Professional Firefighters Association

Local 4778

Airdrie Fire Department Ceremonial Society

Honour Guard

Airdrie Fire Department Ceremonial Society

The Airdrie Fire Department Ceremonial Society (AFDCS) is a volunteer organization created in 2013, comprised of members of the Department who wish to represent the Local, Department and the City of Airdrie.  We have established a “Ceremonial Society” as we hope to add a Pipe and Drum band in the future.  Currently, 19 members from the suppression division make up the Honour Guard including a piper in training from administration.  Our Executive includes a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Drill Instructor.  The AFDCS holds monthly practices, adding extra practices as required in preparation for special events.  


The AFDCS operates with the full support of IAFF Local 4778 as well as the City of Airdrie Fire Department Administration. There are specific events that the AFDCS is mandated to attend:

  • All LODD funerals for AFD members.  
  • All funerals for active duty AFD members.  
  • All funerals of retired members.  
  • LODD funerals of emergency services personnel when funding is available.  
  • In the event that the Honour Guard is requested to attend additional events, it is brought forward to   the members for discussion and sent to the Chief of the Department for final approval.  


We are grateful to receive funding from both the City of Airdrie and Local 4778.  We have been proud to represent Airdrie at many funerals, memorial services and special events.  If you have any questions, please contact us at afdcs@airdriefirefighters.com


If you'd like to share photos of the Honour Guard at an event they can be emailed to media@airdriefirefighters.com

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For our Guardsmen

Members of the AFDCS Honour Guard can log in here, or review tips on accessing the website and google drive

If you have difficulty logging in, please seek support through admin@airdriefirefighters.com

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