Fri MAR 2‍‍‍

Sat MAR 3‍‍‍

Sun MAR 4

Thu MAR 1‍‍‍


Evening Silent Auction

Prizes Include:

•Ticket‍‍‍s to anywhere WestJet Flys!‍‍‍


11:00am - Introductions of Fir‍‍‍efighters on the Ground‍‍‍

11:20am - Firefighters take to the roo‍‍‍f for the start of their 72hrs‍‍‍

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All our info on the RoofTop Campout for MD can be found here.

Rooftop campouts are fundraising events that raise funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Firefighters will spend three days camped out on the roof of an establishment. During the event, firefighters will collect donations from the community to purchase mobility equipment, provide support services and fund research to find a cure for neuromuscular disorders.

E‍‍‍vent schedule

RoofTop Campout 2017

‍‍‍A huge thank you to all our sponsors. We couldn't have done it without them. Thanks to the great community we serve, our final tally was $17,000.00 - the highest year yet, making our four year total $59,235.00. We are already looking forward to next year ‍‍‍and can't wait to share our plans to make it even bigger and better!