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Airdrie Professional Firefighters Association

Local 4778

If you have more than one Google account, moving from one user profile to another can be cumbersome.  It is often helpful to select the appropriate account prior to visiting a website to ensure you are logged in with your "@airdriefirefighters.com" account rather than other family or business google accounts.

Please use the following videos to help demonstrate this:


Google Drive & Sites

Remember, the videos, polls, and other information on the www.apffa.ca website are secured through your google account issued under the domain airdriefirefighters.com - (firstname.lastname@airdriefirefighters.com). If you receive a "404 error" from google, it is likely that you are not signed in using this account. Some trouble shooting tips on using multiple sign ins with google are available below.

For most people and most operating systems, you will have the most success if you visit account.google.com prior to clicking on any links that are secure, and log in with your airdriefirefighters.com account. Then when you need to click on a link that is secure, google will ask you which google account to use in order to access the secure website allowing you to choose between any personal or other business google accounts and your @airdriefirefighters.com account.

Signing into accounts.google.com

Logged in from another account (outside of airdriefirefighters.com)

Private Browser Demo (Safari)

Incognito Browser Demo (Chrome)

Using Folder Structure